About us

Skate Buddies is a community group that is by skaters for skaters and the wider community. We formed our group for children, young people, adults and families that are on their journey of repairing, maintaining or improving their mental health and wellness, to be introduced to roller skating and the skating community.


Skate Buddies Community Team Members and volunteers meet in the community and create safe space, open and fun environments to help, support and encourage them to start their journey in a safe and encouraging environment. We cultivate environments of growth, empowerment, encouragement, and compassion.

Skate Buddies is a safe space for individuals to stand in their power, create a new narrative of who they are and how they see themselves. 

Skate Buddies in collaboration with Bertz Associates on BBC West Midlands Today interviewed by Joan. September 12th 2023


Our Mission 


Skate Buddies mission is to get the nation skating helping children, young people, adults and families to improve their mental, physical, and emotional health. Roller skating is great for mental, physical, and emotional health and wellbeing and a gateway to other creative activities and forms that encourage the healing process and aid the individual with healing and discovery of self.


We aim to get 1000 new skaters on their feet supporting them to improve their mental health, wellbeing and fitness through skating, creativity and performance. Enabling and empowering them into a new place and direction for their lives and health. 

Bertz Associates and Skate Buddies collaboration. Pictured is the Skate Buddies, the skate community and David Springer at The MAC Big Green Weekender. T-shirt design workshops September 16th 2023

Our values U.N.I.T.Y


UNITED - We are a community that works together responsibly and respectfully. We collaborate with local, regional, and national skate groups, communities, statutory and voluntary organisations and services. Bringing together the skills, talents, and resources to build a lasting foundation for the generations to come.

It's important too that we work together to identify the needs of the soul for ourselves and each other. Empowering yourself, empowers the individual and the community to grow and flourish. Building a community based on a foundation of purpose and trust.

Skate Buddies walk, talk and act with integrity, moral standing, and purpose. We create safe spaces for people in crisis, where they are not judged, criticised, or demonised. Walking in the strong moral principles of Skate Buddies ethos and values.

working together is the key to growth, for yourself as an individual and for humanity. We all have our individual parts to add to the whole, you have value.

You can heal, you will heal, and Skate Buddies helps and supports the individual on the path to their healing through roller skating and other creative forms and expressions.