Skate Buddies T-Shirt


Please leave the name that you like printed on your item. PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS THE CORRECT SPELLING as this cannot be changed later ing the process.

Our customised t-shirts are made from 100% cotton, they are high quality, heavy weight and warm. 

Skate Buddies UK CIC  - Sustainability Fund 

Skate Buddies UK CIC believe that financial sustainability in this current climate and time is really important for the continuance of our activities, events, classes etc in the community.  All profits made from the selling of merchandise goes back into Skate Buddies UK CIC Sustainability Fund as we are a non for profit organisation set up to improve our skate and wider communities. We do this by creating safe, caring and compassionate environments during our sessions, classes, events as well providing well needed equipment such as skates and protective gear for children and adults in the communities we facilitate in.